Fordham Studios

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We   can   transfer   from   numerous   audio   formats   such   as   vinyl   records,   minidisc, mulitrack   minidisc,   DAT,   cassette   tape,   two   track   reel   to   reel   and   many   others   to CD   and   digital   formats   for   uploading   to   the   web.   We   can   also   enhance,   edit   and combine   audio   from   a   number   of   sources   to   create   a   combined   CD   or   digital format.   We   have   already      undertaken   audio   restoration   projects   of   vintage   vinyl conversion to CD with the original signed covers scanned to create CD covers.
We    can    take    old    projects    that    have    been    created    on    many    old computer    systems    and    software    that    you    wish    to    resurect    and transfer   into   modern   DAW   systems   or   edit   and   mix   into   final   releases for CD or internet formats
Whatever     your     requirement,     no     matter     how unusual - give us a call as we may just surprise you!